Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flying Mounts Part 1 - Human Flying Mounts

Cash shop Flying Mounts are a luxury, not all of us are able to enjoy, they are kind of expensive, and lets face it, we are given a free flying mount at level 30, why should we spend money on one of them fancy flying machines?  Ok, so, maybe some of you out there don't really think that way, some of you like the status and the looks you get when you are flying on your Uber expensive flying mount.  So, for all of you out there who are in the market for a new flying mount, you have come to the right place.

Just like the riding mounts, let's find out what flying mounts give you the best bang for your buck.

Since there are so many flying mounts available in the game, I thought it would be best to break this down into individual races.  Today we are going to cover the human Flying mounts.  The biggest difference in this article, from the Riding mount comparison is, we are not going to include appearance scores.  My feeling is, I can't really tell the difference between mounts, so, unless your flying of the rose gold gourd, I am oblivious to the appearance of your mount.

For scoring the flying mounts, I am going to use cost, minimum speed, haste speed and minimum levels that the mount is available.  So, lets get started then!!

Note: All Screen shots were provided to me by Ecatomb.  This is a wonderful website with lots of great information regarding PWI.  If you were not aware of this site, I do recommend you check it out

Pachscar's Spite (#1)
Pachscar's Spite is the lowest cost flying mount, at $5.00, but with that it is also the slowest mount you can buy in the cash shop.  Although it is faster than the Standard P.O.S you get at level 30, its not a huge increase, at 1.0, and a whopping 3.0 haste.  The sword IS available at level 30 though. It is kinda blue and shiny.  It's not a bad looking flying mount, and for the price, is decent.  But the speed is a huge bummer.

Rashnu (#7)
Rashnu is the next most cheapest mount at $7.50, this is a sound buy. With speeds of 1.5 and 3.5 haste, you get a little speed out of this. Still not enough for my taste, and on top of that, it is not available until level 50. It looks similar to Pachscar's but also has a green swirly thing.

Yofial's Star (#3)
Yofial's Star is $10.00, so, what do you get for that? You get the same stats as you do with Rashnu, the 1.5 and the 3.5, but the minimum level is dropped to 30.  I do like the look of this mount though. It looks like it is ablaze in electricity.

Nakir's Judgement (#5)
Nakir's Judgement is a big flaming poky stick, it is $17.50, its speeds are 2.0 and 4.0 haste speed.  it is also available at leel 30. this is a solid buy in my mind.

Daevas (#9)

Daevas is in a group of 3 riding mounts that all go for $25.00.  The initial speed s 2.5 and haste speed is 4.5.  Available at level 50,  would call Daevas a girl's riding mount.  No real reason, is just looks like it to me.  I would not make fun if I saw a Dude riding it though.

Zuriel's Blade (#2-tied)
Zuriel's is number two in the $25.00 group.  Same speeds as Daevas at, 2.5 and 4.5 haste.  Available at level 20, Zuriels blade is the flying mount that looks like a gold flying sword with a bunch of prongs off the back end of it.  It is gold and has little gold swirly things.

Laila's Heart (#2-tied)
Laila's Heart is number 3 in the $25.00 group.  Same speeds as the other two at 2.5 and 4.5 haste.  Laila's heart is finally something that looks unique.  Resembling a claw instead of a sword.  I give it credit for that.  It is available at level 20 also.

Urim's Light (#4)
Urim's light goes for $30.00 in the cash shop.  It is pretty pricey.  But a very nice looking flying mount, very wide and BIG.  Green lights.  It has a speed of 3.0 which is really good and its haste speed is 5.0.  It is available at level 20.

Astral Melody(#8)
Astral Melody is deffinately a girl flying mount.  It is big, it is purple and it is curvy.  It is nice to look at, but at $40.00 is the second most expensive Human Flying Mount.  It has a speed of 3.0 and haste of 6.0, so it is very fast, and it is available at a minimum level of 30.

Rose Gold Gourd(#6)
God I think this thing is aweful.  I do not know how it got thrown into the mix with the other human flying mounts, but think it is rather shameful.  It is also the most expensive mount at $50.00.  But, on the other side.  It is the fastest at 3.2, and haste of 6.2.  And on top of that, available at level 10.  So, it does have those things going for it.  And if you can get past the idea of flying a veggie, have at it.

So, there you go, Human Flying mounts Compared.  I hope this helps you in your Perfect World International, Quest for air supremacy.


  1. pwi sucks because he have flying mounts with real money.

  2. Oh I just can't stand how slow those free 30 flying mounts are haha! That's mostly why I buy from cash shop actually.
    I googling for pictures on flying mounts, so thanks for putting these up!

    - Yuna