Thursday, June 10, 2010

Perfect World International Tips

Hello Perfect Worlders!

I hope all is well in your perfect world today.  I am here just to give you an update about Perfect World International Tips.

For all of you who have not had a chance to check it out I welcome you to visit the new site.  Become a Memeber, Start Contributing to the Forums.  Talk to me, and let me know what kind of information you are looking for in regards to Perfect World International.

As far as the new website is concerned.  I have a perfect world blog there that I will incourage my members to contribute to if they would like.  The forums are up and running and I would love to see some people begin to add questions and their own personal guides there.  There is a section for Photos, and there is a guides section.  The guides section is a group of links that will take you to the perfect world guides I have created so far.

In order for me to make Perfect world Tips successful, I need help from you, the readers, to help me determine what kind of information you are all looking for.  I am sure you have questions about Psychics and Assassins or the best Blademaster builds, or maybe you have Farming Questions.  Whatever it may be I am more than willing to help.

So, please.  Give it a look and Join!  I look forward to meeting you on Perfect World International Tips.

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