Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perfect World Cleric for a PvP Server - Part 4

I have not forgotten about this blog!!  Even though I have not had the time to really play Perfect world, and I have been dedicating my time with other writing, I have not abandoned this blog.  In fact, I am here to announce that I have just published my Ultimate Perfect World International Cleric Build Guide.  Whew! That is a mouth full.  Anyway, it is just like my others.  They are a guide geared toward players who are under level 60 or so.  I figure anyone who is over level 60 has a pretty good idea of how to play.  Maybe I am wrong, but that is my belief. 

As for other things.  I still have a lot of plans.  My PvP Cleric is level 60 something-ish.  I have not played in several months though.  So I am not exactly positive on the level.

But, in any case let me do a quick run down of what I have going on with her.  She, like I said is level 60 something.  I have not had a whole lot of run ins with ganking lately.  And what I have run into has been a bit easier to handle.  Unless it is a level 100 Assassin, then I don't even have a chance to react. I'm just dead.  But with people near my level, I have found a cleric a very good PvP class.  The biggest trouble being Barbarians for me.  There is just so much Hp to deal with in a Barbarian, My Mana drains and I start burning the crap out of my charm. 

From personal experience, I have found that blademasters are easy unless they are proficient at stun locking.  That Wizards are really the easiest class I have faced yet, and that Venomasters are not so tough.  Sins and Barbs have given me my most troubles, and I have not yet faced and Seekers or Mystics.  Psychics, I have not decided yet, but seem about the same as wizards. 

I figure when I get up over 80, I will get a better read on how well a Cleric will stack up against other Classes.  I am still PvPing against people who may not have the game experience that I do.  Not me tooting my horn at all, I am not Pro, but I have been around for a while and it takes time for people to deal with human battles, compared to PvE situations. 

Thats it for now, thank you for reading My Perfect world.  Come back soon!

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  1. Good luck with your toon and keep writing!