Monday, March 22, 2010

Perfect world International Character Class Build Guides

Build Guides,
When I started this blog, I didn’t really know what I was going for.  I figured I would just use it to talk about my time playing perfect world.  But what I noticed, when I really started thinking about it all.  Was, when I search the internet for information about Perfect world international, I sometimes have a very difficult time finding anything.  I know that this is not due to lack of interest in the game, but just a lack of people willing to share information about the game.  And one of the Biggest Questions I see is about Character Builds and guides for building the best character, whether that is a Wizard or Blademaster, Asassin or Venomancer, Everyone wants to make sure they are building their characters properly.  You all want to make sure you are allocating your Attribute points properly, or using the best weapon for your class, or Genie skills.  It is all very subjective, but I wanted to provide you with rock solid tips on building your own perfectworld Character.

I am placing my guides in many locations, and I have started a new website, it is called Perfect World International Tips.  The web site has a blog, and a forum and a location with all my external guides and build guides.  It is very young and I am still trying to build membership, but I can promise you that any question asked will get my personal attention in a very quick fashion.

Below are all the build guides I have complete so far.  There are, of course many more to come, and as soon as I can find the time I will be adding more to the list.

Blademaster Build Guides:

How to build a perfect world Blademaster
Basic Blademaster Build Guide
Ultimate Blademaster build Guide
Perfect World PvP Blademaster guide

Wizard Build Guides:
How to build a perfect world Wizard
Basic Wizard Build Guide
Ultimate Wizard Build Guide

Barbarian Build Guides:
How to build a perfect world Barbarian
Basic Barbarian Build Guide
Ultimate Barbarian Build Guide

Venomancer Build Guides:

Basic Venomancer Build Guide
Ultimate Venomancer Build Guide

Archer Build Guides:
How to Build a perfect world Archer
Basic Archer Build Guide
Ultimate Archer Build Guide

Cleric Build Guides:
How to Build a perfect world Cleric
Basic Cleric Build Guide
Ultimate Cleric Build Guide

Assassin Build Guides:
Basic Assassin Build Guide
Ultimate Assassin Build Guide
Psychic Build Guides:
Basic Psychic Build Guide
Ultimate Psychic Build Guide

Seeker Build Guides:
Basic Seeker Build Guide
Ultimate Seeker Build Guide

Mystic Build Guides:
Basic Mystic Build Guide
Ultimate Mystic Build guide

I hope that these guides give you some good insight into the inner workings of your perfect world Character.  And while I try to show you all possible variables in building a perfect world character, I will try not to tell you that there is only one way to build your character, because there is not, there are many different methods that can be used to build any of the perfect world classes and a lot will depend on what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Again, if you need more information, please visit me at Perfect world International tips.  I am not trying to sound desperate, but I would like to site to succeed but will need reader participation in order to validate myself! :)

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