Monday, April 12, 2010

Flying Mounts Part 2 - Untamed Flying Mounts

Cash shop Flying Mounts are a luxury, not all of us are able to enjoy, they are kind of expensive, and lets face it, we are given a free flying mount at level 30, why should we spend money on one of them fancy flying machines?  Ok, so, maybe some of you out there don't really think that way, some of you like the status and the looks you get when you are flying on your Uber expensive flying mount.  So, for all of you out there who are in the market for a new flying mount, you have come to the right place.

Just like the riding mounts, let's find out what flying mounts give you the best bang for your buck.

Since there are so many flying mounts available in the game, I thought it would be best to break this down into individual races.  Today we are going to cover the Untamed Flying mounts.  The biggest difference in this article, from the Riding mount comparison is, we are not going to include appearance scores.

For scoring the flying mounts, I am going to use cost, minimum speed, haste speed and minimum levels that the mount is available.  So, lets get started then!!

Again Pictures are provided Via Ecatomb.

Spotted Skymanta (#1)
Amazingly The Spotted Skymanta came in first.  It is really due to the cost.  At $5.00, it is the cheapest Untamed Flying mount, but at 1.0 speed and 3.0 haste, it is also the slowest of the mounts.  Minimum level is 30, which seems to be a very normal level for availability.  This is a truly economy ride, if you can maybe find it in the Auction House for cheap, it might be a decent upgrade over your standard manta.

Skymanta Shade (#7)
Level was the main reason for bringing the Skymanta shades score down.  It is a slightly more expensive mount compared to the Spotted Skymanta, at $7.50, and with that you get a slightly faster speed at 1.5 with haste being 3.5, but the minimum level is 50.  I like the look of this manta, and I might consider it the best looking manta in the bunch, but, is that really worth the level 50 min?

Redback Skymanta (#3)

This manta scored better than the Shade Manta, soley because of minimum level.  Costing $10.00, and having the same speeds as the Skymanta Shade, at 1.5 and 3.5 haste, it was able to pull ahead so much because of the level 30 minimum.  I may place too much value on the minimum level, but people really don’t want to wait till level 50 to use their mounts, and buying a widget….blug I say!

Israfel (#5)

The Israfel is a ok buy.  At $17.50, you get a 2.0 speed with a 4.0 haste speed, and a minimum level of 30.  But here is the catch….You have to ride a Swan, or Goose, or whatever you want to call it.  This may be more of a Veno flying mount, I do not want to see my trusty tank flying around on a turkey….I mean swan.

Swift Shadow (#8)
The swift shadow is one of three mounts that sell for $25.00.  It has a speed of 2.5 and a haste of 4.5, which are nice, but, a minimum level of 50.  The stats and cost are the same as the Crimson Flametalon, creating a tie for eighth place.  It is kinda cool to look at, being a big black bird and all, but it’s not the best looking in my mind.

Crimson Flametalon (#8)
Like the Swift Shadow this mount sells for $25.00.  It’s speed is 2.5 and its haste is 4.5, and the minimum level is also 50.  These two mounts are, in my mind the lesser buys you can get, unless you really like the looks, I would probably stay away from them.

Hellfire Drake (#2)

The Hellfire Drake is the same price as the two eighth place flying mounds, at $25.00, and its speeds are the same too, 2.5, and 4.5 haste.  But it has a minimum level of 20.  This locks it up into second place, and in my opinion, the best buy for the untamed.  Not only are the stats good.  But it is a really the coolest looking Untamed mounts…..Really?  It’s a two headed dragon, how much better can it be really?  All it needs to do is to be able to eat other players in PvP.

Cloudchasing Gryphon (#4)
The Cloudchasing Gryphon is another very cool looking mount.  It is $30.00.  It has good speed at 3.0 and 5.0 haste, and a minimum level of 20.  Definitely a solid choice if you are willing to spend the cash.  It is a little rich for my blood, but statistically, it scores well.

Waning Cloud (#6)
The Waning cloud is $40.00.  It is basically a turbo charged version of Israfel.  With speeds of 3.0 and 6.0 haste, it is technically the fastest untamed mount available.  It has a minimum level of 30.  But, again, it is a big goose!  Can’t do it, sorry.

Colossal Dragonfly (#9)

The Colossal dragonfly is cool.  It is seriously overpriced at $50.00.  And with speeds of 3.0 and 5.0, is not even the fastest untamed flying mount.  On top of that, it has a minimum level of 50.  But, it really is cool.  I like big ass bugs.

So, there you have it.  The Untamed Flying mounts.  I hope this helps you in your quest for air supremacy.  Good luck and good spending.


  1. Waning Cloud is not a "big goose," it is a crane.

  2. This page has some good information but it is very out-of-date. It needs profiles on the newer flyers: galactic beetle, razor sting, fallen roc, boreas skylight, deathgrip nightmare, and cosmic dolphin.

  3. I know the info is old. There is some items i will be updating soon. I called it a goose as a joke. Many people have called me out on that one!