Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perfect World International Tips is alive and kicking

With summer quickly coming to an end, I will once again be getting ready for another winter of perfect world international.  I try to give myself a break from the game during the summer months.  Just to clear my head and actually spend some time outside.

So, for my first post of the new gaming season, I was hoping to run through some of the recent patch updates and give my take on some of them…But they are critically boring to me.  Seems that not a whole lot has changed since I played last.  This is not a huge surprise, but I was hoping for more.

So, what should I talk about?

No, I just don’t care

Too rusty on the topic at the moment

Been there, done that.

I know.  Let’s talk about me!  I like to talk about me.

So, if you have read a lot of my stuff on the web, you know I have my hands in pretty much all the classes in perfect world.  To some extent.  You probably know that I mostly prefer the Blademaster class.  You may even disagree with some of my guides and build tactics.  That is really ok with me.  But just so you all know where my qualifications stand, let me tell you a little about all my characters and how I go about writing guides and learning classes.


PokeUharD/lvl62/Lost City

SamSamSimply/lvl70/Heavens Tear (deleted character)
BashUsillY/lvl44/Heavens Tear (Leader of the Vandals)
Sesumaru/lvl103/Private Server (No longer playing)
Simplesammy/lvl65/Lost City

DumbBarbruns/lvl23/Rising Tide
BashedSillY/lvl76/Heavens Tear

SamhealsU/lvl32/Heavens Tear

PsychoKik/lvl25/Lost City

BashNDash/Lvl33/Heavens Tear

WizBangBoom/lvl67/Heavens Tear

Now, these are the ones I can think of, Some are not active, some are deleted.  Mostly I am very random and will just play the character that interests me at the moment.  Under normal conditions, I will not write a guide about skills and game play until I have a gotten a character class past level 60.  I know I am not uber, I have no level 99’s I am currently playing, but I do have a lot of time in game with a lot of different situations, in guilds, out of guilds as guild leaders and as nothing but a solo.

I have participated in PvP, in Territory wars, in hundreds of FB’s for all levels you can think of, I have done DQ’s, Mold runs, WQ’s and bounty hunter stuff…

I am basically saying I have been around.  And I am not just pulling this stuff from thin air.  I have tried and practiced and asked LOTS of questions.  And I am still always asking questions and looking for other people’s feedback.  So, please feel free.

Hopefully over the next few months I will be more active here.  I still want to spend time talking about builds, farming, manufacturing, Demon/Sage choices and Questing stuff, so, look for me. 

I also want to throw this out there.  I am looking for anyone who may want to write a post here.  This blog sees about 100 page views a day and has solid traffic.  So, if you have a blog, or any other thing that is related to Perfect world and would like to make some new people aware of you, I would love to hear from you.  Being that I have a lot of other projects on the Internet besides this one, I do not always have the time to write here and would love for more content from other Perfect worlders. I can be contacted at

Thank you for reading Perfect world Tips and tricks.  Talk to you soon.

And again, please, check out my perfect world tips website, Join, contribute if you would like, I am hoping that the site will start to gain some steam here really soon!


  1. Nah, that is the normal forum banter as far as I have noticed. Always whaaa, why don't you do this, boohooo, why don't you do that. >< same thing I have been seeing for a couple years now. Reality is, all changes have to come through the Chinese parent company, meaning we will never get what we want when we want it. I can understand all the QQ/Hate/Ranting, I just try to look at the positive...It's a solid game for the price we pay. :)

  2. Saw your thread in PWI Forums []

    Just saying, I'd love to guest blog. PM me on PWI Forums [XxRaynaHeart] when you can. ^^