Monday, September 20, 2010

Earning Zen for better Game play

Edited 9/29/10

Today we are going to go in a slightly different direction for this blog post.  Since I have begun to play Perfect World International again, I find myself wanting Zen/Gold, in order to buy some fun stuff.  Problem is, I am generally pretty tight about spending money on a game.  Hence the reason for me to be playing a free to play game.

But, being the tight ass that I am.  I decided it was time to try to find ways to make some Game gold, or Zen or whatever you want to call it, without actually investing any real money.

And leave it to me to find a couple of options for all of you out there who feel the same as I do.  I have found two outlets that will award you Ultimate game cards if you complete offers.  Mostly the offers are free, and they don't take a crazy amount of time to complete, which is always a bonus when you want to get back into the game, and purchase yourself some fresh new threads.

So, you want to know what I have for your?  They are the banners below.  Now both sites are going to give you points and with those points you have the ability to purchase the Ultimate Gaming cards.  The first one is not a quick fix, but it is super easy.  And that is Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you random points for using their search engine to do general searches.  I have won one Ultimate gaming card with swagbucks.  It is only a $5 dollar card.  But I was able to get this card by doing something I do every single day anyway!!
Search & Win

You dont have to just pick an Ultimate gaming Card.  They have a whole store you can choose items from.  I have also got a couple Amazon Gift cards using them.

The other site is a true offer site.  You have to complete offers in order to get the points to order the Card.  that site is Rewards1.  You have to earn 9.25 points in order to order a $10 Ultimate gaming Card.  Again, this is not very tough.  They have enough free offers to pull this off without needing to invest any of your own money.  It is a site definately worth checking out if you want to earn some free Zen. - Your premier source for freebies!

I use the Ultimate Gaming cards to puchase my Zen.  They are an aceptable method in ordering Zen.  And they are more popular gifts than the actual Perfect world Gaming Cards.

Also.  If you do have interest in either of these programs, know that I get a little bonus for referring people.  So, please use my links so I can get credit for new members.

!!This Is the New Content!!

I have been super pleased to see that people have actually been using the Swagbucks. I was not sure how well my readers would take to the idea of performing tasks in order to make some free Zen, or free gaming cards or free paypal gift cards or whatever else you may be into. But since it has been sooooo popular. I figured I would offer one more site that I use to make lots of extra money on the internet. This site will require you to have a paypal account set up but I can tell you it is WELL WORTH IT! I can easily make 20 dollars a day on this site....I don't because I just don't have that type of focus.

The Site is Treasure Trooper.
This site is the REAL Deal.  They have paid me twice now, for a total of just over 70 dollars.  It costs nothing to join, and about 90% of the ways they offer you to earn money are completely free.  The site is just cool too. They have lots of little things you can do, puzzles and treasure hunts.  You can hatch Dragons and all sorts of things. 

I think that this is the best site I use to make a little extra money on the internet.  Again it is completely free, I would definatly give it a shot if you are looking for extra money.

And for the kiddies out there....the age requirement is 13.  So they will take just about everyone.

Again all, thank you for giving these a try, and keep them coming, These sites will not disappoint you, I am pretty sure of that. 

And, for all who may be interested, since I am back into the game.  I have started a couple new Toons.  on PvP Servers.  An Assassin and a Cleric.  I plan to start writing about these two classes, and start giving them some heavy love over the winter months. 

Thanks all again for reading!!

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