Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PvP Blademaster Build Guide Series: Part #1

Lower Level Blademaster, under level 60
Today we are starting a eight part series  about Perfect World International PvP Blademaster builds.  This series is going to cover the following areas, and will hopefully be extremely thorough.

2)Heavy weapons build
3)Light weapons build
4)General skills
5)Heavy weapons skills
6)Light weapons skills
8)After 89

The Blademaster is a strong PvP character.  Many feel that archers or assassins are the best choices, others would rather use wizards or mystics.  But I see no better class than a Blademaster.  Not saying a Blademaster is the end-all-be-all for PvP in Perfect World International.  In fact, I have every single character that I toy with occasionally, one on a PvE server and one on a PvP server, and think that every class is capable of both effective PvE and PvP.  In my opinion, success is more dependant upon your personal style and less on the class you choose.  Blademasters happen to be my preferred class and is why I am starting this series with the Blademaster.  That and it will more than likely be one of the longest guides in the bunch.  Being that Blademasters have so many weapon options and skill sets.  It will take place over several parts, in order for me to keep my thoughts in order, and for me to better be able to elaborate on all the intricacies of the character.

That all being said, lets get down to what this Blademaster series is going consist of.

It is going to be as complete a Blademaster PvP guide as I can make.  I will be covering everything.  Attributes, weapons, skills, genies, early levels and end game.  No holding back.  And it is why it will be consisting of so many parts.

This overview is going to cover my principals behind Blademasters.  Many people are now of the mindset that you should use every weapon, and while I do agree, I think that on a PvP server that would result in early level failure, in fact anything below 89, so, that being the case, I am gong to give you two separate builds that become one around level 90, but will require a restat.  What these two builds are is:

Heavy weapon build
Focuses on axes as your primary and sword as a secondary.  This build gives you both paths, axes for group PvP and Territory Wars for those who have a guild that will let you play early, and gives you sword for 1v1 PvP.  Great way to start the game.  Your stats will allow you to use poles but don't do that, its a redundant weapon to axes. The after 89 Guide will bring all the weapons into play.  Although part of the reasoning for me to break this into two separate builds is to allow your character to shine in one or two weapons, it also will allow people who gravitate to a more brute force approach to choose axes and blades early, and later on, after you have become familiar with the class, you will be able to add in new abilities.

Light weapon build
Focuses on poles and fists/claws.  Again you get the AOE of the poles, for group play and grinding and the 1v1 of the claws.  In the series ahead, you will get a better idea of what this will actually mean.  Your primary play will likely be with the pole.  But that will really be determined by your own play style, for those who prefer the quick attack and High DPS of the claws will by all means get a good grasp of what is important for that weapon as well.

Also to come will be a post about general skills and how they should be leveled and when, and this will vary slightly depending on whether you choose a heavy or a light weapon build.  The general attack skills are just that, generalized, but some of those skills play on specific weapons better than others.  In this part of the guide I will also cover all the other skills that are not dependant upon a specific weapon.

And we will talk armor, this will be covered in the weapon build part.  Not in heavy detail prior to the level 89 restat.  But we will cover it.  Mostly discussing bonus attributes that are useful, along with specific items to look for, just in case you have the opportunity to acquire a unique piece.

In the level 89 guide, I will also cover demon/sage.  For PvP I believe this is a no brainer, but I am gonna leave it as a cliff hanger for now, no use in spoiling the suspense.  And for those of you just starting out, you have plenty of time to contemplate the good and bad of either Demon or Sage.

The biggest thing to remember is that this guide is geared towards people who will be primarily building their character for PvP'ing, whether it is 1v1 or group or Territory Wars.  And while any of this is usable in a PvE setting, I am a firm believer that if you are playing PvE, there is no good reason not to prepare for all weapon paths from the beginning.  And would recommend you allocate your attributes accordingly.

Look to part two soon, it will be my next post, and I am already partially done with it now.  Just need to add all the bells and whistles to make it presentable.

Thank you for reading Perfect World Tips blog!

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