Monday, July 3, 2017

How I make coin in Perfect world in 2017

Believe it or not.  I still do play PWI.  I have been playing Perfect World since it was released to the US.  It was about 9 years ago!

But here I am, my playing time is a lot less than it used to be, but my actual time logged into the game is by far way more than it has ever been.  I have a cat shop up and running at all times.  Sometimes I even have two cat shops running, it depends on what I have going on at the time.

-So, that is my first means to income in Perfect World now.  I have two cat shops.  I buy and sell products that people get and people need.  I sell higher than I buy.  I, unfortunately will not say what I sell, but what I will tell you is, location matters most.  If you are going to sell something that is used at a NPC of some sort.  Make sure you set up shop near to that NPC.  And sometimes, if you want to buy that same something for cheap, make sure you set up a different shop in the area most people will have that item.  It can be a slow way to make money sometimes, but I am not into some of the faster ways.  This is tried and true, and I always make money, every single day.

-The second way I make money is with Jolly Jones quests.  I am guessing everyone and their brother already know about this and are abusing it regularly.  My method is this:  I have 5 accounts that I use regularly.  Each one of my accounts have 5 toons.  I have 1 toon that is over lvl 100, and reawakened at least 1 time.  I have one toon that is over 80 but less than 100, and that is the toon I save for catshops.  They are all in their areas, and all I have to do is log them in and set up the shop, when I want to work on that specific item.  Then I have a level 80, a level 70 and a level 60 toon on each account, that I leave at Jones.  This means at the bare minimum I make 110,000 for the level 60, I make 131,000 for the level 70 and I make 158,000 for the level 80 each day for a total of 399,000 per account, or 1,995,000 across the 5 accounts.

Again, this is not get rich quick, but this does add up over time.  Also, I will sometimes do the level 80 grinder Jones quests if nobody is camping on the Advance grinder.  otherwise I do not do all the quests for Jolly Jones.  It takes too much time for too little reward for me.  But, if you want to it will increase your daily income by a lot.

-Sometimes I do FP89 runs for skill books.  This doesn't make as much as it once did, but it has been a way for me to a bunch of books for my toons, along with making some coin along the way.  It helps for sure.

-Nation wars is still a way to make money.  Tokens can be made into items like Seals of war. You can sell these for a nice little profit, if you don't need any of them for yourself.

There are a ton of other ways to make coin inside perfect world, but those are the ones I use.  And I don't use all of them all the time.  Sometimes I just log in the morning to do the Jones quests and turn on the cat shops.  That seems to do just fine for me.

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