Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trials and troubles of a BM

Well, at level 32.  I started my own guild, on the Heavens Tear server, called Vandals.  This is a first for me.  I have my website up, and I am trying to fill it with content.  I have no members yet.  It is not a easy market to be in I guess.  there are way too many guilds and not enough players to fill the voids.

I can see why though.  Who would really wanna a join a guild that could be little to no help to them?  I mean really?  What can I do, as a level 32 Bladmaster, for, lets say a level 90 barb?  I got nothing.  I am afraid it may be a long road to create the guild I had hoped for.

On that note....If anyone is interested, please contact me!!!! Here, on my guild webby, or in game.  I am not there very often but give me a holla, my IGN is BashUsillY   watch the caps, if you get'em wrong you won't find me.

Thank you,

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