Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Vandals are up and running!!!

So, yesterday I was able to get some members invited into the Vandals. I have so far named two Marshals, Kick_Kitty, a venomancer. And Ennaur, an archer. Both are in their 20's, but both have time in Perfect World and have had other toons, so are familiar with the game and should make good Marshals.

In total, the Vandals have 10 members. I will probably be on this evening to do some more farming and recruiting. I am still looking for my punk rock shirt. And Still need to save for my Xeno.

I hit level 33 yesterday. I now need to make sure not too many people level faster than me!! So I will have to get some quests done.

I am figuring since we are going to have such a young guild (level wise) I may try to set up days to do FB runs, not so much for the molds, but for the practice. I think as long as we have one or two clerics in squad, I should be able to tank. It will be better once I get my AOE's though. Then we will be able to empty the mobs too.

Gotta run, I appologize for any type-o's. I am writing this post from my phone...

Thank you for reading,

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