Monday, March 1, 2010

Perfect world Blog Reworked

Welcome to the Perfect world Blog.  This is going to be an attempt to offer all my fellow Perfect worlders a place to come and find anything they may need.  I have spent a lot of time with this game and have learned a lot along the way.  I may not know it all, and I will never proclaim that I do.  But I will try to provide all who may find me with valuable Perfect world information.  I will be adding quest tips, Guild information, and I will try to have fun polls and places for all to ask questions.  I will attempt to make this something worth keeping around, kinda like a swiss army knife.  And who doesn't love those, I mean, really?

For those of you who may not know.  I am Leonard.  I am also known as BashUsillY on the heavens tear server.  I am currently a level 28 blademaster.....What??? a level 38 BM Noob is gonna drop knowledge on me?  Nah.  Like I said, I have been around.  I have had a BM before who I leveled into the upper 70's.  I have had a cleric I leveled to 87, a barb, he was 63, and various others along the way.  I have been playing since perfect world international went live.  I have had some time off here and there but it never fails, I just keep coming back for one reason or another.  Maybe it is some form of insanity, for for whatever reason, I just enjoy this game.  It is expansive, and it is free, and what more can you truly ask for in a game??

So, if you look around this blog right now, you may not see much, but that is going to change, I am currently writing the quest guides for 1-19 for ALL races, yeah you got that right!  All races.  I know they have been done before, but I will try to make  them spicy and fun.  I have played all races up to level 20, so my notes are fresh and spanky clean! 

Also on this blog I will be offering easy access to all my favorite sites that I have used along the way.  Amazingly enough, there are several great sites that belong in everyone's knowledge base, so, I would like to make sure you all can get to them nice and easy.

One more thing of note today.  You will see that I mention the PWI VANDALS, a lot in posts.  That is my guild, my guild is pretty much a no show right now, meaning not so many people who are members are playing and since I am only a level 38 BM, I have decided to give recruiting a rest until I get myself leveled, and at the rate that I level, that may be a while.  But, no rush, if you wanna go join the guildy sight, feel free, I would not say you couldn't just cause you were not a member of my guild.  I don't roll that way at all. 

Happy playing, and stop back soon, there will be more to come!!

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