Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Perfect world International Resources

There are many sites out there that can offer you great resources to Perfect World International.  Some of them you may already know about.  Some of them I have already talked about.  And some of them will be new found gems for many of you Perfect World Gamers out there. 

Way back when I first started playing Perfect World, one of the first issues I noticed was lack of "Unofficial" support.  What I mean is, with some games, Like World of Warcraft, there are hundreds of sites that offer help and tips and tricks, quest guides and all other sort of interesting information you may need to streamline your playtime.  See, for me, I only get to play in small spurts, and when I am on, I want my time to be used as wisely as possible.  I hate, let me emphasize, I HATE running around in circles, trying to find this NPC or that mob in order to complete quests or find specific drops.  So, I went on a hunt.  For sites that provide information that I found super useful.  Sites that all offer different kinds of info.  Lets see what I came up with.

First site is the Perfect world International forums.  This is one of the best places to find info, if you can handle to forum trolls, your almost certain to find answers to any question you may have.  They have build guides, and quest guides, tips and tricks, and just about anything you can imagine.

Number two in my heart! The Perfect world Database.  This has all items you can possibly think of.  All weapons and gears, all mobs and quests, all mats and locations of those mats.  It is just a great site and a must bookmark for any hardcore. 

Number Three for me would be Ecatomb.  Ecatomb really has a handle on class skills, fashion and mounts, and battle pets.  Genie skills and even has a player calculator....This calculator pales to my number four site though so just hold off on that.

My fourth choice is just called Perfect World: Calculator.  That is all it is, but it is a really really good one.  It has all the equipments, all the possible mods attribute adjustability.  It is a great site for planning ahead.  You can even save your character.  This is a wonderful site to have available during your time off the game.

Last site I want to bring up is one I use in the quest guides a lot and that is the Interactive Map for Perfect World.  This map shows you locations for just about everything you can need or find in Perfect world.  It is a great way to set up farming runs.  One I use frequently.

So, there you have it.  Some great Perfect World International Resources for all you who may be interested.  Good luck and good gaming!

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