Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spending a Little time with the Earthguard Seeker Class

I was wondering how long it was going to take Perfect World Entertainment to produce another class that I enjoy!  And although, the EarthGuard Seekers are not Blademasters (My favorite Class BTW).  But, I will have to say that they must be a closely related cousin!

So, that being said, there are some differences I would like to cover really quick.  Also, I have created the Basic Perfect World Seeker Guide, on my Bukisa account.

Biggest difference that I noticed when playing the Seeker compared to a Blademaster is the fact that you are pigeon holed into using swords & blades.  While I am not apposed to swords and blades, in fact my first blademaster was spec'd for Swords and blades (This was before I learned the true nature of a blademaster), what I am opposed to is not having a little more option.  Personally, as a side note I would have liked to see them also able to be spec'd for daggers, I think that would have added a unique twist.

But, I am getting side tracked.  With a sword, your base damage is limited, you are very consistent, moderately quick, no real spike damage, and not particularly great damage.  This means you will be spending most of your time relying on skills to offset the basic damage.

This is fine though, because for the most part, a Seekers skills are solid.  And a lot of them pack more than just straight forward damage.  dflkdfk;dlkf;ld.  The biggest negative I see in the seekers skills is a lack of a self heal.  Maybe I am asking for too much, but I feel that this class could use one.

Aside from that.  I can see any real difference between the Seeker and Blademaster.  the base stats are all the same, they are both reap the same benifits from Dex and Vit.  They both are geared to wear heavy and have a good array of AOE's.

All in all, I do believe Perfect World Entertainment hit the mark with this class.  I was originally skeptical about them adding another race to the game.  I thought they were reaching a bit when the added tideborn, even though I have grown to enjoy playing my PvP sin :-).

I still have not given the Mystic a chance yet.  It is on my list of things to do this winter though.  I will spend some time with the class.  And with the Psychic Class, which I have also not given a whole lot of time.  And will report back to you on what I think.

Other than that news.  I will work on a new set of Riding Mount and Flying Mount Guides  Many things have changed since my original, and that will need to be re-evaluated.  I am about half way through my Ultimate Cleric Guide...(That is seriously a very involved guide) and I am still looking for Guest writers here, and new members for my Perfect world Tips website.  The site has sat quiet for some time now, but if I see people joining, I will get it up and running again.

Thank you for Reading Perfect world Tips Blog

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