Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Perfect World Cleric for a PvP Server – Part 3

Back again today with an update to my Perfect World PvP Cleric.  It has, of course been a slow go for me.  Finding the time and energy to actually sit down and play has been a bit tough.  And what I have found is, I am not particularly great at playing a Cleric regularly.  I finally had to break down and Join a Faction.  I was finding it difficult to find people and time to do the things I needed to do.  And Soloing almost anything with any level of difficulty is almost impossible with a Cleric.  At least for me it is.

Where I am right now is Level 38.  I have been running into the common coin/spirit problems Clerics often complain about, so some of my skills I would prefer to have maxed have been left by the wayside.  I have set up permanent Kitty shop residence in order to make enough cash to buy skills, and I have resorted to dumping large amounts of EXP into my Genie in order to catch the skills up to the levels I would like to see them.

And I die occasionally, I have found that I often over estimate my clerics ability to solo mini-bosses.  It is just the nature of things I guess. 

So, This is why I have broken down and joined a faction.  I will not mention the name of such faction, to maintain my annonymity.   But I will say it is a Level 3 with over 100 members.  And I will say that they seem to have enough high level members to allow me to get done what I need to get done.

I still have not completed my FB19.  Not to mention my 29 and soon to be 39.  I am falling behind.  I have been spending most of my time farming, and cleaning up all the old quests I never got around to doing before.

But other than that, life is good.  I have been following a pure build format.  9 magic, 1 strength every other level.  My first few levels I added a couple points into Vitality, but I do still plan to restat that and add it all to magic.  I know some people believe that you should add Vit to a Cleric.  And in many ways I do believe the same, but I am more interested in creating a powerhouse, even at the cost of some survivability.  I was hoping that with my buffs and Heals that I would be able to compensated for that.  In some instances I have.  But I have noticed, I have two mini bosses right now that I just do not have the HP to solo.  Haggist Geslot and Yangshen, both hit too hard and leave me with no chance to heal and deal damage at the same time.

As far as PvP is concerned, I still have not participated so much, other than the occasional Ganking from high levels that is.  I have only been lucky enough to beat one person who tried to Gank me, I am guessing he/she assumed I was a lower level than I was because I was taking care of a quest I should have about 8 levels ago.

Gear wise.  I am using mostly rank gear right at this moment.  I lucked out and manufactured a 3star magic ring, I am forgetting the name but it is a mid 30’s level ring.  And I am using a 2 star Raybender magic sword with magic attack bonuses on it. 

Coming up for the 40’s, I am looking at trying to aquire a Wheel of Fate.  They are way expensive, so we will see how well that works out for me.  Along with manufacturing my level 40 armor. 

I will report back soon.  I am expecting to get my FB19 done tonight.  I am expecting that I will also try to get some of the mini bosses I have left, done tonight also.  We will see how that goes.

Thank you for reading my perfect world tips

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