Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fast leveling in Perfect World

So the title is a little misleading, for some.  Because I have no big secret for leveling faster than anyone else in Perfect World International.  The rules are all the same for everyone.  You need to achieve a certain amount of EXP in order to reach the next level.  And the further you go into the game, the harder it is to reach the next level.

But, what I have found in my time in Perfect World is, people are missing the point here.  The game is based on a Quest/Grind format.  You do quests and you grind on mods in order to improve your EXP.  And what I see from a lot of new players, is a lack of interest in Questing, they want to be "Power Leveled" and the reality of the game is, they have built safeguards in order to limit our ability to power level.  I assume the main reasoning for this is because it is a free game, and the idea of power leveling characters in order to sell accounts in order to make money is seriously frowned upon by Perfect World Entertainment.

So, what can you do to level fast?  Quests.  Do your quests, but not only just do your quests, but do them in a way that is most beneficial to your success.  And how can you do this you may ask? 

When you pick up a new quest that requires you to kill a certain amount of mobs in a certain area.  Make sure you look and see if there is a one-man army quest that coincides.  Meaning a one-man army quest that requires the same mob to be kills x amount of times.  And although the one man army quests do not give you EXP, what they do is give you Reputation.  And reputation is hard to come by. 

On top of that, make sure that you pick up all your drops and you farm the area you are questing.  Pick up every single Herb or Material that you see.  Stockpile as much as you can. 

Because even if you don't use these things, somebody does, they have value.  And that is the name of the game here.  Money.  Because even if you are not willing to invest actual physical dollars into this game.  Your in game currency can be used to Buy Gold/Zen or whatever else it may be called.  And this is where you can actually reap some EXP rewards.

With Gold, or with a large amount of in game coin.  You can by Hyper Stones.  I love Hyper stones, for anyone who knows nothing about them, they are a stone that increases your EXP gain per kill.  And they are stackable.  And while you do have to deal with a cool down period after they are used.  They are well worth the investment for anyone who wants to get there quicker. 

I am in no way affiliated with Perfect World Entertainment, and I make nothing off suggesting to you to use Hyper stones.  In fact, I would not blame anyone for not wanting to spend real cash on a game.  I tend to not spend money.  But I do find other ways to make money for the game.  Through this blog or sites like Swagbucks, I have found a way to make plenty of cash for my gaming time. 

So, what is the real point of this post?

Nothing really, other than to say that there is no great way to level faster.  There are sevices out there that will power level you.  I, in fact have a friend who is trying to get one started.  And if you would like to take a look and see what he is doing, you can check out his Perfect World Power Leveling site.  It is far from complete, but I figure I will offer him up a free plug, because I hope he can do well.  I am not lawyer and I have no idea if this is against Perfect world Rules and Regulations.  It is one of the reasons I have not dove into that racket. But I do know he is not being shady and he does not bot or hack, he simply has a lot of spare time and a lot of in game experience.

Thank you for reading Perfect World Tips
come back soon for an update to my PvP Cleric, Barb, and soon to come Assassin.

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