Saturday, November 27, 2010

Perfect World Cleric for a PvP Server - Part 2

First off I have to hop up on my podium and bitch for a moment! 

I am already sick and tired of the High level Noobs who get enjoyment out of PK'ing the level 30 somethings that are questing on the north side of Archosaur.  It is lame and gutless for the level 70+ characters to even be bothering with level 30 somethings.

Let's move on now.  I have freed myself of the hate of these people, now I can get to the primary concern of this post.  And that is My level 36 PvP Cleric.  And how I am progressing with her.  And what I think of her so far, my build statistics and everything else I can think of writing about her.

As you my know from my previous post.  I am building this Cleric as a pure build.  9 Mag, 1 Str every other level.  Recently I have been dumping a bit of my EXP into my Genie, mostly to limit leveling speed and to actually catch some of my skills up.  Spirit has been a HUGE problem.  As of right now, I am lucky to keep primary skills like Plume Shot, Great Cyclone and Ironheart up to current.  Let alone any of the VERY useful buffs that come with being a Cleric.

As far as leveling, I have been primarily questing and occasionally grinding, mostly in order to build up a surplus of drop materials in order to generate some income with the character.  That and to make sure I keep my manufacturing up to date also. 

Damage output is solid, I would like it higher, I am getting close to biting the bullet and restating my VIT.  to squeeze that last little drop out of her.  Currently I am averaging about 1400 HP damage on mobs with Plume Shot, Great cyclone averages a bit less, more like 1000. 

As far as PvP.  So far I have not really participated in PvP.  I don't think I would do all that well.  I do believe that once I am able to get my skills caught up, I will be much more effective.  But until then I will probably keep PvP to a minimum.  Other that the constant PK I am getting from the high levels.

So, I will keep plugging away.  I am hoping to break 40 in the next few days.  I am expecting that after I break 50 I will start a new class character.  But will keep you all informed about what I have learned.

Thank you for reading Perfect World Tips

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