Sunday, October 2, 2011

Perfect World Tips: Some quick Notes

I have a few quick notes.  I have resubmitted my Cleric Guide and am waiting for that to be approved or not be approved.  I also have a new Guest blogger coming in soon.  We will be calling him Tweek.  He is colorful to say the least and the site may have to become PG-13 with his language, but I think it will be a bonus.  He is coming of course because he will have a site he will be promoting.  I will not mention that at this time.

On top of those two things, I have finally decided to had the following widget to this blog, over there on the right hand side.  I would like to see some people join, it would make me feel good about myself! ;)

That is all I really have today.  Thanks for reading Myperfect World.

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