Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tails of A$$h0L3 sin

C-man made me write this little disclaimer. If you are under the age of 13, you may not want to read what I write, I use profane language. I am not going to be gross or disrespectful. But the language will be poor.

It's like most days. I'm just chillin. Bored, looking for something to do. Someone to fuck with.

I was sittin on the top of the north gate in arch. Trying to get some stuff together. I wanted to do a frost run. But people were punking out left and right.

"No, I can't, gotta go soon. I can't"

Or, I love this one.

"Sorry, AFK"

Turn your auto respond off bitch! I can see you.

See, I actually did see him, f'ing punk ass wizzy. I was getting sick of him anyway. And as i saw him run up to the auction house, I knew i was gonna gank his ass. Multiple times if i get the opportunity.

I sat, waited, watched. I watched him finish at the auction house. Run over to the tailor, then the merchant. I stood up and took to the air. Stalking as he ran out of the court and over and up to the banker.


He is off again. This time he takes flight and heads south west. So, with caution, I follow.

He uses that crap ass standard human sword, so i start closing quick. I jump intp shadow walk and move closer. Closer.

I Shadow teleport. On him. Which stuns him for a second. I follow up with Tackling slash. His charm ticked. He almost died.

He's stunned again. Throatcut. Dead.

"Your a *******!"

"So now you can talk? Shut your AFK off u azz."

"You didn't have to Pk me, Ill kill u next time icu."

"Lol. Where were you goin? Need any help?"

"Fb39. Yeah, we got space. I will have them invite u now"

See, this is the nature of the sin, and it is what is expected of us. How can people really stay angry at us, when we are just so friggin loveable. The only reason I ever decided to make a Sin was to get that chance to be nothing but an asshole.

Don't see me? Doesn't matter. Your dead.

Thanks for reading this. My name is TweEk.

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