Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Perfect World International Character Guides

Well, I am back again with some updates on the Perfect world Character Guides.  You might notice the new tabs at the top of the sheet.  I have added basic build guides for all the classes on the blog.  Assassin Basic Build, Archer Basic Build, Barbarian Basic Build, Blademaster Basic Build, Cleric Basic Build, Psychic Basic Build, Venomancer Basic Build and Wizard Basic Build.

I have done this out of Demand I guess you might say.  It seems that most of the people that find this blog, do so by searching for build Guides, so, I figured I would give you what you want.  Now it does come at a cost.  They are not very in depth, I am making more detailed guides on my HubPage account.  I like the layout there, and it gives me some better traffic, because Hubpages are a naturally strong content site.  I am also going to be relocating all Quest Guides.  Currently, I have the Human Quest Guide, Level 1-19 relocated here. 

I am also listening to requests.  If there is information you would like me to get and put up for all to see, please feel free to contact me at

I do appreciate all the people who do stop by and see what I have here and hope that the changes I am implementing will only bring more.  While I do not have as much time to actually play the game, I am continuing my research and I will try to provide you with the best information I can. 

Thank you all, and Good Gaming!

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